About Us

After some 25 years operating as a typical finance broker, relying on lenders to pay a commission for the business I introduce to them, I have embarked on a new way of working that exceeds best interest duty and puts the Borrower First.

My vision is for my clients to both finalise repaying their home loan in the shortest possible time, whilst still enjoying life, as well as building their wealth by acquiring investment property.

To do this, I now source wholesale loans that contain no lender commissions, resulting in sharper interest rates thus enabling clients to become debt free home owners much sooner.

Additionally, I’ve assembled a team of professionals to ensure my clients receive the highest level of service across all aspects of the financial/real estate spectrum.

This includes a licenced financial planner, solicitor, chartered accountant, quantity surveyor, and real estate agents.

I now only work with my existing clients and their families, friends and work associates.